Kellyville Rugby Icons

When Blacktown Old Boys was first conceived our founders thought hard and long for a symbol that epitomised the roots of the club and the ideals for which it stood.

Thus was born the "Logo of Logos", a badge that would typify the endeavours of this proud few and engender disbelief, wonder and jealousy amongst our rivals as we stared each other down prior to the kick off.


A schooner, or pint if that was your preference, of cold frothy ale represented what we trained and played for in those more innocent days.


Then came the night at training when Gary "Nutsy" Ballard turned up with a couple of white sweat shirts with a characterised "Old Boy" on the front and Blacktown Old Boys proudly emblazoned across the back. They were snapped up like cold beers on a hot day.


Thus was another facet of the tradition forged.

It wasn't too long before we formed an allaince with the Post-Tel Institute Club ("The destitute") at Kellyville and took on the mantle of "The Villains". Our "Old Boy" character thus morphed into our "Villain".